The Force is a main upgrade to the ship - you can get it from Power Gem. The Force is a piece of Bydo flesh. It has characteristics of both a life form and a mineral.

The growth process of the Force

By absorbing a certain type of energy, it undergoes a three stage transformation. When struck by a beam, a catalytic function causes the beam to change its form. Against the Bydo, the purest form of energy was extracted from this piece, and converged into a ball-like shape and manipulated through a control rod. The name "Force" implies both a physical and mental power.

Levels of Force Structure:

Force Control Rod

Four rods are needed to control the Force. Each one organically combines with the energy inside.


Round Force
Standard Force Bit
Enhanced Force
Shadow Force
Shadow Unit
Cyclone Force
Tentacle Force
Anchor Force
Side Force
Speed Unit