I couldn't find these versions of R-TYPE:
  1. PC version of R-Type.
    (Or any info about it's existence)
  2. R-TYPE DELTA for Sony Playstation from R's BEST series.(Somebody, explain me how does it differs from non-R's best game...)
  3. Denaris version of Katakis (there is some info, that this version has some updated levels or graphic)
  4. PC88RV (PC8800) version of R-Type.

    Also I am looking for next things:
    Metal Black
    Prehistoric Isle 2
    Riot City
    Space Gun
    Super Contra
    Salamander 2

    I'm looking for volunteer who can help me with R-Type Final section. please, write me if You can help.
    I need some people to help me in creation of BESTIARY section . Any kind of help is needed (especially the screenshots of monsters).You can see already done screenshots here.

    I need somebody to help me finishing the R-Type's creation history (needed all available info about creation date of every version, also I need scans of disc/cassetes/cartridge covers.)

    Also I'm looking for people able to translate some R-Type related info from japanese into english.
    Please, e-mail me if you can help me.

    I'm looking for every piece of a fan art.(If You have sent it to me and it isnt in Fan Art section - please re-sent it to me, because there is something I have lost during hardware problems)..