2043: Spacecraft planned. Spacecraft development project (called the RX Project) was started and headed by Dr. Jim Client.
2045: General machine equipped with R-Engine model type 3. Problems with output inertia control.
2047: Program modified. Machine equipped with 12 rocket motors for stability, 4 motors added. RXT1 Skeleton completed, a simple machine designed for experiments and not equipped with armor.
2048: RXT1 improved, equipped with armor for test with Japanese Spacecraft SAKURA.
2051: RXT1, formerly named R1A, begins practical use. R designation used because of the shape of the canopy, and the original project name.
2055: New, standardized RXT2 enters development.
2063: R1 Class models, R1a through R1j, created by modifying minor parts.
2065: With the unification of the Manned Mobile Unit, R1 series production ceases.
2067: R2 series (RXT2 Base) enters use. The MMU becomes standardized.
2075: R Twin engine developed. R2 series ends with model R2d. Production of R3 series begins (units interchangeable due to MMU standardization).
2083: R3 models become ready for use, equipping twin engine gives this series high mobility.
2088: Development of low output model wave cannon begins.
2098: Exploration Spaceship rolled out, development based on a new theory.
2102: FORERUNNER, an exploration craft begins maiden journey, expected return on June 27, 2120.
2103: Compact R Engine successfully equipped to ship. Low output (RS 3rd engine E-Unit) completed.
2104: R4 series with E unit engine finished.
2108: Low output wave cannon model completed. Development begins on R5 series spaceships.
2112: FORERUNNER receives a signal from space of an unusual living body and energy increase.
2115: R5 series unit equipped with a low output Wave Cannon Asteroid blaster. Not provided for public use, because of equipped weapon.
2120: FORERUNNER returns with a section of the BYDO, a compact high energy/living organism.
2121: R series selected for use in the mission against the Bydo Empire.
2122: Production of General Operation models halted with R5F, due to weapon development.
2123: Development begins on experimental (RX6). No pilot, but has a high output wave cannon.
2125: Compact, high energy, organic weapons project started in a lab near Jupiter.
2127: An RX6 is tested with a power release booster attached to the wave cannon.
2129: When the power booster overloads, causing unstable energy vectoring, a regulator is added.
2134: Contact with Jupiter lab lost. SKY HOPE spacecraft investigates and finds 3 million meters of space missing. A Bydo fragment is located in the missing space area that includes the Lab.
2136: Experimental R7 Model, requiring a pilot and equipped with a high output wave cannon is introduced.
2141: Succeeded in controlling the super compact, high energy organism called THE FORCE POD.
2143: Experiment combining the Force Pod with the R7 fails. Attaching the Force Pod to back of R7 causes regulator to overheat when cannon is fired. R7 evaporates. Force Pod retrieved undamaged and unscathed.
2144: Development of Artificial Force (The Force Bit) begins.
2147: Unmanned spacecraft RX8 finished. Equipes three R Engines (Type 4) and two E-Units.
2151: Results of RX8 wave cannon experiment are good, Force Pod experiments also completed successfully.
2153: Decided to develop RX8 for a pilot (R9).
2154: High output wave cannon finalized. These are 5.7 times more powerful than its low output counterparts.
2160: Artifical Force a success though unstable.
2162: PLOT TYPE R9 is introduced, a highly mobile patrol unit with a low output cannon.
2163: Here begins the first Bydo Mission, an R9 Squadron is assigned, and this will be the first space battle against the Bydo Empire and for the people of Earth (Irem's R-Type in 1987).
2164: January. An offensive weapon experiment, using a cyber interface to receive signals from the pilots nervous system is started.
2164: June. THE SEED OF BYDO affair. Crushed by the PLOT TYPE R9 Group.
2165: The second strike against the Bydo Empire. Confirmation of Bydo's regeneration received. The R9 Custom Model (Super Power Spacecraft) is sent to destroy Bydo once and for all (Irem's R-Type II in 1989).