R-Type DX - GameBoy Cheats

Beat the game with less than 10 credits. Then, during a Standard game, press Select + A.

Skip Level
WHile playing R-Type 2 hold B and presss Start, Start. You will advance to the victory screen now.

Sketch bonus
Watch the demo until the high scores comes on. Press Left, Down, A, and B all at the same time. Press start and you can draw (A=draw, B=erase).

Power pod play
Get the Power Pod and attach it to the back of the R-Type. Back up until the Power Pod is off the screen and press A twice. Move forward and the Power Pod is gone.
After a few seconds it will reappear at the right of the screen.

Secret Options
At the title screen, just press SELECT. A menu will appear that will allow you to hear the sounds and music in the game, and choose your difficulty level. When you are done, press SELECT and then press START to begin your game.

Drawing Program
At the high score screen press Down-Left + A + B at the same time. You will enter a program called "De Souza Editor." To use it, press START to clear the screen, A to draw, and B to erase. Move the cursor with the d-pad.