Screenshot Description

STAGE 1 Lethal Weapon

The local annihilation weapon, which was loacked in the space fortress orbitaing in space, fell down to the earth for unspecified reasons. The lethal weapon got out of control, and it about to destroy all cities completely. In urban areas the fighters struggle desperately with Mecha-Bydo intruders. Defend the earth to the last!

STAGE 2 Deformation

The energy reactor that once generated vast amounts of energy supplied to various facilities was immersed because of the attack of Bydo, and finally falls into the nest of a group of deformed creatures. A lot of weird aquatic living things appear one after another to draw the fighters into the world of darkness.

STAGE 3 Gigantic Attack

The plant under construction for mass production of anti-Bydo weapons on a mountain in the Central Asia was attacked by Bydo, and was finally ruined. The quadruped super-trailers developed by human beings aimed at the traction and transportation of space shuttles now threaten human beings. And what is worse, they hardly fall down in spite of receiving many shots...

STAGE 4 Invasion

The space fortress, the source of disgusting incidents, was deformed and turned into a labyrinth of evil by Bydo. Can human beings recover the space fortress, which has survived many difficulties as the last front line of the defense of the earth? A huge battle is to begin in space.

STAGE 5 Evil

Bydo invades the spirit of the pilots. After their success in the combat at the space fortress, the pilots lost their way home, and were caught in a weird space, which brings back various memories for them. It cannot be identified. Is this an illusion or the real world, which seems to be familiar to them? The evolved enemies that once had struggled with senior R-series fighters reappear with more power.

STAGE 6 Awakening

The headquarters of the R-series fighter development project has lost all communications with the outside of the base. The pilots try hard to expel the parasitic Bydo inside of them, and start to come to themselves. There is still a light of hope for the humans. The pride of the R-series fighter pilot is about to awake.

STAGE 7 Life

The distortion of time and space, the different dimension, suddenly appears on the orbit track. Escaping from the incredible energy forms, the fighters fight with the last enemy "Bydo Core". The last force should be a vast amount of blood and tears shed by all human beings. It is the final dance!