R-Type 2

Despite the success of the first mission, some of the Bydo survived and re-grouped to form an even more powerful menace. The Empire has been revived. With renewed power, they have achieved rapid evolution in a different dimension.
The R-9 fighter is being loaded with the very lastest weapons and defence systems and is being readied for launch on a second, even more dangerous mission against the Bydo.
The counterattack against the newly reborn Bydo Empire begins here.
Stages' description and strategies were written by Mark Kim.

Screenshot Description

STAGE 1 Ruins

The inside of a former fortress belonging to the Bydo Empire, Subtom awaits at the end of this stage.

Yet another base where the Bydo Empire is planning to re-multiply their forces hoping to destroy the universe once and for all. You will face hordes of Bydo Armada created from a combination of Bydo Flesh and biological energies.


Try to get a Diffusionary Wave Shot up close when the hatch opens up and move out of the way so that your R9 doesn't get toasted. The alternate way to destroy Subatomic is to let the Reflect Lasers and the Napalm Missiles do the work. Nullify the Blades and be careful of the beams that come out from the head.

STAGE 2 The Cavern

Navigate through an underground stream filled with a devlish liquid while figthing off a plethora of creatures.

You will face hordes of Kamikaze creatures. And then you will face multi-purpose tanks that become harder to destroy if you don't nullify them quickly. Then you will face hordes of Tadpoles from beneath the sea and Octupuses that fall down below the waterfalls. Now you will face a crab-like hombre that has severe attack patterns before reaching the final fight against Barakus.


The best way to destroy this fiend is to toss an Energy Shot at the orb-like neck at the top of the creature first, and then toss a Diffusion Shot up close once the creature's orb-like neck is at the bottom. If you don't destroy it quickly, be prepared to do some serious fighting underneath the sea and dodge its dive bombs that will kill you. Don't fight at the top because you will definitely lose there.

STAGE 3 The Crimson Sky

Fight off a fleet of steel winged battleships which cover the sky. A storm of explosions and plasma lasers surround you.

An armada of spaceships will attack you with lasers, bombs, wave beams, and whatever you can think of. Hopefully, you should be able to destroy these Spaceship Elements before they cause further problems. However, you need to know when's the good time to have the Force Pod attached to your front or back because there will now be times when you have to attach the Force at your back.


The individual control pods provide power to the Corvette and shoot lasers that can't be blocked. The main ship has severe attacks so keep that in mind. Your best bet is to just concentrate on destroying the Control Pods while avoiding the severe attacks.

STAGE 4 Sliding Path

The Bydo attempt to thwart your advance with a continuosly shifting path and attacks from all angles.

Moving Platforms, deforming turrets, hard-to-destroy tanks, and a high speed tank called Rios is what creates the highly-resistant force of the Mining Field. The enemies will attack in full force so just concentrate on staying alive in this stage.


Maneuverability is important in this manner because the screen will scroll at high speed and it's weak point is at the center when it's exposed. Rios has several attacks from a spread laser to heet-seeking missiles. Not one of the easier bosses because of the scrolling of the landscapes and the high amount of attacks the tank generates.

STAGE 5 Base Under Construction

Maneuvering this stage is tricky as blocks are placed in your path and then just as quickly removed.await your advance.

Welcome to the Puzzle Capital of R-Types II, where you see Insects create nest after nest of Scrap dust. Insects also devour Scrap Dust like the Tasmanian Devil from Warner Brother's Looney Tunes (Looney Tunes and Tasmanian Devil are copyrights of Warner Brothers). You have to determine whether you should destroy the Insects or not because this becomes a game of Logic on the first part of the stage. In the second part of the stage, maneuverability becomes tight and enemy attacks become even more severe.


Destroy the three bubbles and the Blender is defeated. This boss is rather difficult because the platforms can destroy your R9 if the wall hits you. Maneuverability is extremely austere because every time the platform is touched by fire of any kind, it rotates. Also, there are enemies who will tilt the platforms, causing a disadvantage at times because you have to concentrate on the bubbles of the Blender.

STAGE 6 A Bydo Star

The planet itself is a living, breathing entity. The boss is a clone of the Bydo in the final stage of R-TYPE.

This is totally hard. Not as hard as R-Type Delta (as foresaid on recent issues of PSM Magazine by Imagine Games Media), but the aliens will attack in full force. You will go up against strange worm-like creatures and a horde of strage cells in Part 1. Now you will go up against tight defense scouts that spit lots of debris that will prevent you from going deeper into the Empire Star. If you don't have enough power-ups, then this stage will be impossible to beat unless you have the Game Shark, OF COURSE!!! However, if you want a fair fight, then you definitely need Bits at the top and bottom of your ship. Insane feel of the Force is also required.


You will have a difficult time with this boss because of the following reasons:

* The Kidnapped R9's will try to destroy you when commanded by Womb to attack you.
* Strange Cells will also attack.
* Oodles of Energetic Debris will come through as well.

Try to use Diffusion Shots and throw the Force at the two cores of the Womb and be sure to dodge the cells, the energetic debris, and the R9s that come up later on the stage.