R-Type 1

At the beginning of the 22nd century, the people of Earth had developed a peaceful and prosperous civilization. Suddenly THEY appeared. Arriving through an inter-dimensional pulse, They invaded all forms of life, minerals and electronic devices. Existing as a parasite, They multiplied rapidly.
They have ravaged nearby planets and have chosen Earth as their next target for colonisation. This evil is called simply the "BYDO"
Earth's only defence so far has been the 'R-9s', trans-dimensional fighters, which have been sent through space to attack the Bydo. None has ever returned.
Earth's last chance is to send out the last remaining R-9, equipped with a new array of weapons that may stand a chance of destroying the Bydo once and for all.
The Bydo Empire, a world where hatred and slaughter are ubiquitous. Here, grotesque creatures which strike fear into the foundation of our souls, subsist. We must destroy these monsters without hesitation. Now, a very sublime battle is about to begin here.
Stages' description and strategies were written by Mark Kim.
Screenshot Description

STAGE 1 The Encounter

This is possibly the easiest level to complete in all of R-Type. You can get used to the many elements of gameplay starting on this stage. There are plenty of powerups available so try to get them all.

All the enemies are cake and can be shot in one shot. Watch out for the floor at the bottom as touching the floor will cost you one life. Try to avoid the debris as much as you can. Just before the confrontation against the Blue Robot, there is a Power Pod carrying a Reflect Laser Crystal. Use Power Shots against the Blue Robot or just toss the force right into the Blue Robot.

Once you enter the base, you will encounter a band of circular turrets. One turret is different from the others. If you can destroy the different turret, then all turrets will go down. Now maneuver all the way to the free areas of the base.

When going up against the red robots, stay at the extreme left and let the missiles do the dirty work for you. However, if you don't have a force pod with you, then be sure to fire power shots at a rapid pace.

Weak Point: The green center

Easy boss. Just charge up a power shot and release the shot and the Force Pod right at its weak point at the same time. If your timing is right, then Doppleganger will go down in a short time.

STAGE 2 Life Forms in a Cave

A cave filled with mysterious creatures and strange mutations.

Be careful when going up against the many mutations that travel in a diagonal direction. They take one power shot to be destroyed. However, if you have a Reflect Laser handy, then you should just use the upper and lower laser concentrates

When taking up against the abnormal mutations and gobs of strange cellular organisms, try to destroy the container that is throwing the cellular organisms. This way you can lessen the resistance created by the cellular organisms.

Once Worm appears, all you have to do is to destroy the eyes that fire strange lasers. Again, the Reflect Laser works well.


Keep the Force Pod at the back of you at all times and let the Reflect Laser do the dirty work for you. Be careful not to hit Worm at all since it can hit you even with the eyes destroyed. If you have to drive away from the Cyst's Weak Point (Eye while it's exposed), then throw the Pod and call it back so that you can do some damage. Once the force Pod is back at the back of your ship, then try to hit the weak spot with all you have.

STAGE 3 Giant Warship

A Giant Warship in a different dimension.Controlled by the Bydo,it sets a course for Earth.

The boss of this stage is huge that alone it is the entire stage. You fight against the back of the ship which fires massive energies of debris and then make your way to the bottom of the ship, and then at the front end of the ship to destroy the main core of the Warship, which is vital to much of the Warship's movements.

From the back of the ship, once you see the shuttle, throw the Force Pod until it is destroyed. Don't call it back yet. Once you are about to fight your way under the ship, then make sure that you have the Ground Attack Laser equipped since the enemies appear dead-close.

You will be able to get the Air Attack Laser at the middle of the ship's bottom battle. When you get to the front end of the ship, try to get your Force Pod at the back of the ship so that you can attack the Front End. Be careful of their lasers, though.


The Core will fire massive amounts of energies while the weak point is closed. The energies can be destroyed. Once the eye opens up, slam the core with everything you got, but don't rush because there is no time limit while destroying the heart of the spaceship.

STAGE 4 A Base on the War Front

The remains of a base on the war front now occupied by the Bydo. You must navigate through the spores to face the boss.

A tough stage because of the cellulose that is laden throughout the base. From this stage on, you are on your own. Nearing the end of the stage, you have to carefully navigate through the Cellulose that is blocking your way. Use energy shots to destroy the Cellulose and make your way to the fight against the Compiler.


The blue orb is their weak point. This is one tough boss because of its massive attacks. When it splits up, try to destroy one unit before it reattaches, but don't get sandwiched. You may need to abuse the Force on this.

STAGE 5 The Den

Aquatic plants line the top and bottom of the screen. Multi-shelled, dragon-like creatures with tusks await your advance.

Mysterious Crustaceans inhabit the Den. There are worm-like creatures that will explode if you destroy the head, and creatures that act like faster cancers. Also, crustaceans that fire lasers will come up to you so hold your ground.


Tough boss because the shells of the boss will try to destroy you. You cannot damage the central part of the boss unless you destroy the outer shells first. Don't let Bellmite corner you or that could be your last.

STAGE 6 Transport System

Lines of containers carrying resources to a Bydo factory cover the screen.

The transport system moves really fast and you don't have much time to destroy the transport systems so just avoid them. It's hard to maneuver without losing lives because at times the corridor may be narrow and the transport systems will give no room for error for almost all of the time.

There are no boss characters in this area.

STAGE 7 A City in Decay

A once prosperous city lies in ruin after being ravaged by the Bydo.

Beware of the heaps of trash coming at you as you approach the boss. A Recycling Bin. The enemy attacks are quite severe here. They attack in many directions. Also, explosions will come up from time to time so keep on your guard. Your main concern is at the near-end of the stage where oodles and oodles of bugs will come up and attack you.


You get no points for destroying the Bronco but you must destroy it anyway. Aim for the Blue Orb. Even no points is the case, you can still get points for destroying the Trash which shower around the area. Once enough trash is destroyed, then you can take the Bronco without any further problems.

STAGE 8 A Star Occupied by the Bydo Empire

Balls of concentrated energy fly across the screen. Bydo offspring defend the Bydo leader in this final stage.

This stage is really difficult. Enemies will come up at many directions attacking you at high speed. Also, beware of the revolving energy ball that travels around the air since it can't be broken.


When the mucus which is blocking the creature opens, throw your Force Pod and an Energy Shot at the same time, but be careful of another Win that is spitted right through his mouth. Now all you have to do is to carefully maneuver your R9 through the highly-infested area to save the Universe from Bydo Destruction forever.