03.03.18 After 14 years, the website has been restored for a pure amusement.
04.07.04 Added R-Type 3 for GameBoy Advance into downloads.
03.07.04 Fixed ed2k links in Downloads, must work now.
20.03.04 Thanx to Your help, all lost files are recovered!
22.01.04 Added ed2k link for R-Types (from R's best collection) into Downloads! Added more background midi melodies with random play. Please, don't forget to visit WANTED! section.
17.01.04 Help needed: files are lost: PSX-R-Types.ace and r-type_covers.ace !!! If You have them, please, reshare it in eMule until I can finish downloading. Your help is highly appreciated!
05.12.03 Bad news: because of recent reformat I've lost some of R-Type related data.Some ed2k downloads may not work correctly.
05.12.03 Added Rayxanber 3 into downloads section.
28.11.03 Updated Creation section.
26.10.03 Removed all illegal roms from my site, there are only ed2k links now.
Added 4 R-Type Flyers into Creation History.
28.09.03 Frank/GTW TEAM sent me a letter with an interesting news: full preview version of C64 R-Type has been found!!! Thanx for excellent work.
Updated Fan Art section
16.08.03 Updated Fan Art section, added R-Type for RPG-Maker2000 into Covers, added MDX R-Type music from X68000 into Music section of Download.
Bad News: Boogiedown Designs were closed :( "...due to constant threats" of some f*cking legal actions. No more T-Shirts.
08.06.03 Good news: 3 Download updates: C64 R-Type Preview, R-Type v0.30 for TI-89 and Invaded in covers section; At the moment I'm looking for a working version of RPG Maker to start up some home-made R-Type stuff and I also need some serious help in finding out how to start R-Type v0.5 at TI-89(TI092+?). Ahh, one more thing: I have once found Commodore64 R-Type version for Super CPU. Can anybody tell me how to emulate it or at least send me some screenshots....???
So, that was a quite interesting weekend for me - I've just began to think that I have found any R-Type related piece of stuff:) and then...
Find'em all!!!
06.06.03 some little updates: added Blazing star into downloads (emule link and screenshot will appear tomorrow), updated WANTED! section (please visit it!) and started Fan Art section. (please send me Your R-Type related fan-art or re-send me everything I have lost during hardware problems)
01.05.03 You wanted a T-shirt with R-Type logo on it??? then visit http://www.boogiedowndesigns.co.uk!!!
Reorganized NEWS section.
Large update at japanese R-Type Official Web Site
26.04.03 For all midi fans: added 6 or 7 R-Type midi files into midi archive. Enjoy!!
Added ed2k link for R-Type Special disc (+5 mp3 from different authors).
13.04.03 Added R-Type Complete CD into Downloads Section, only ed2k link though, because of large size. Anyway, I'd like to thank Marcelo Reis for this CD...
09.03.03 Not update, but I recommend You to visit this page and this... (both about upcoming games:)
09.03.03 Wow!!! After 2 months of inactivity (different problems with hardware and f**king university:) I'm back. I'm glad to say I've just finished sharing everything (including ISO's!) in eDonkey2000 network. You can find all links for ed2k in downloads. (I advise You to use eMule client instead of standard eDonkey client)
26.12.02 Added X-Type into Covers of DOWNLOAD section.
26.12.02 Added "PCE R-Type version's special features" into Cheat Codes section (visiting recommended:)
23.12.02 Small update: added PC Engine R-Type music.
Updated WANTED! section ------------------------------------------------->>>
07.12.02 Added R-Type Delta MIDI file into midi music pack.
Added R-Type Leo ROM compatible with MAME 6.09.
Added R-Type Wallpapers into download section.
Fixed missing link to "R-Type Creation story" in GAME INFO. Stupid bug! :E
Added monochrome R-Type 1 and 2 for Game Boy.
31.10.02 Added 2 more R-Type Covers and Fake PC version into download.
Fixed mp3 tracklist of R-Type Special.(should work now)
Added section "R-Type Creation story" into GAME INFO.
05.09.02 YEEAH!!! I've done a new design. I love it!!!
08.07.02 Opera compatibility optimization; changed e-mail and added R-TYPE FONTS.
Site is finished, but there still may be some small updates ;-]
30.04.02 Small updates everywhere:)
21.04.02 Ships section is finished.
07.04.02 Added: Background music
R-Type covers in Downloads
27.03.02 R-TYPE 2 for ATARI ST added. R-TYPE MUSIC Section in Download.
27.02.02 Nice information update, some design improvements.
04.02.02 Big update in Weapons section.
29.01.02 Added some weapon animations, some improvements in links...
19.01.02 Minor design improvements
09.01.02 Added TIPS and updated LINKS.
06.01.02 Some major design improvements
18.12.01 Unofficial site opening. You can download versions and see some history facts.