- An Official Home Page Of Irem Corporation. Must see.

DEEP TOWN - If you do not feel yourself confident in Japanese language it will be only interesting thing to watch some pictures:)
- Great site with many "shoot'em up" games' reviews. Great Resource! - ATARI ST HALL OF FAME
- Nice page related to game classics. - Nice R-Type review with list of R-Type versions, in German though.
- OPCFG. An incredible site about 2D classics. Must see!!! - Clysm's R-TYPE shrine.. - Classics related site.. - My favourite NES-related site, helped me to find a name of one rare game in reviews... - Site with "a range of retro arcade/computer t-shirts including R-Type"!!! Must have for every R-Type fan!!!! :]
- Abandoned and unfinished site about R-Type - a source for some of my materials ;] - J&J software's home page - You can find there a little info about unfinished R-Type clone - Xentos...
- The R-Type Hangar, a fan-site with some interesting information. - R-Type Omega, an interesting fan site with a good R-Type monsters classification.

Lazy Reptile Studios:  Home of the action game Twitch. Download the free demo.

Arcade Game Studio - - Best freeware and shareware arcade games
- a great site about shooters, in German though.

Arcade Games - Arcade Games

Shooter - Shooter Video Games
- Great site with SHOOT-EM-UP games reviews.